Digital condom

Digital Condom

Previously, I have explained and talked about the danger of the unity of AI that is dawning upon us. Now I’m going to talk about how to protect yourself from it.




Fuck facial recognition on your phone.

iPhones have a system where every few seconds it reads your face to help improve their phone unlocking feature. Now, of course, all this data is fed into this super intelligent machine. As we grow older, our face does change, so you may have a chance of privacy if you do the following:

Remove facial unlock and buy a phone cover that covers your front camera. Unlock it when you want to use it.

Avoid having photos publicly posted online.

Avoid keeping those photos on your phone—I will be expanding on this later in this article.

Consider having a second lower-class phone that can’t have an AI system on it where you can keep your private data or use it for private convos, etc.

If your phone has an AI system like iOS 18, do not use it for anything festive or private like business phone calls. If you are a conservative Muslim, basically avoid using it for anything besides basic needs. If you are married, do not discuss things on the phone or if the phone is near you, and make sure to buy phone covers that cover all cameras.

If you are using a laptop, always and at all times cover the front camera whether it’s Mac or Windows.




Start storing your data elsewhere. Consider sites like Mega or physical drives with an extra layer of encryption.

Having a service like Mega, it can automatically upload photos from your laptop and phone, and you can delete them promptly to avoid feeding them into AI.




Unlike the future predictions, we may have to start removing tech from our home, limiting it to one room at best, and going back to basic devices that do not feed AI.


In the near future:


I believe masks will be as necessary as underwear to give us the least bit of relaxation from not being read and watched all the time. All this is to avoid being a tiny bit of a label to an emotionless machine that feeds this Zionist fascist world government we are in.

Being this label, as we saw in Gaza and how they used Lavender AI.


While this AI is monitoring and reading you 24/7, at some point, any government can request this AI to start categorizing people based on filters they are looking for. For example, they can give the following keywords and AI will provide a list of people: Keywords: Muslim, prays, reads Quran constantly, supports Palestine. Then AI would just generate hundreds of millions of people. Since OpenAI has already been compromised by Zionists, it can give them this data of people in any location they want. As happened in Gaza, they got the list of people and just bombed them regardless of their gender, age, or anything else.


You may say to yourself if you are one of those dumbasses who believes they always had this. I tell you to shut the fuck up. They do not have this on this massive scale. What they just tested was Lavender AI, and it was fed WhatsApp chats only. Imagine when they feed it everything else.


Another small example is Germany has passed a law that criminalizes anyone who even likes a post against Zionists. With AI, they can easily track and know anyone who does this on the spot without any human effort.


If you are not scared, you are either a Super hero or pointless being who stands for nothing but consumption or a modern-day Nazi “Zionist 

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