Gaza Orphan Sponsorship

Gaza Orphan Sponsorship

This website was created to preserve and honor the narratives of Palestinian heroes like Nizar Banat, Ghassan Kanafani, Bassil Al-Araj, and many more who were tragically assassinated by Zionism. Our mission was, and remains, to uphold the legacy for which these heroes sacrificed their lives.


In light of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, where we’ve witnessed unspeakable horrors inflicted upon children—hundreds beheaded, buried alive, and most recently, burned alive in the Rafah massacre—we are compelled to act.


I have decided to redirect our net profits to sponsor these orphaned children while steadfastly maintaining the narrative we began with. Sponsoring an orphan’s basic needs costs $100 a month. For every sponsored orphan, we will provide the death certificates of their parents and share a monthly video of the aid delivery.


One of our goals is to systematically archive the names and ensure efficient follow-up for each child. We aim to create a personal connection between donors and children through monthly emails


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